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Thursday, June 23, 2022


            Sometimes I can’t help but wonder
            If I was born a century too late
            When life was so much simpler
            Prospects of a happy life were great

            A time when trust was normal
            When your word was your bond
            A handshake is the same as a contract
            The extra mile you went beyond

            A time when attending your church
            Was something you naturally did
            In your community, a valued member
            Willing to do whatever you were bid

            A time when a hard day’s work
            Would make you feel good inside
            Observing what you had accomplished
            Made you revel in humbling pride

            Women were honored and respected
            And children obeyed their parents
            Discipline was still in our schools
            Bad attitude whacks were apparent

            You could leave and not lock your door
            Come home, everything is still there
            If times were tough and you had a need
            Your neighbors were there to share

            You knew your neighbors by their first name
            Block parties, socials looked forward to
            You mingled, shared hopes and dreams
            You were respected, as you were do
            Keeping up with all of your neighbors
            Back then would have a different meaning
            It might be a sack race, church social
            Corn shucking competition, ears cleaning

            Technology, a word not yet coined
            As life was as it should be, slow and easy
            If back then you knew what was coming
            It would make your stomach queasy!

            No cell phone to learn how to use
            Instead, there was a party line        
             Everyone waited, took their turn
            And it all worked out just fine

            Everything was done with cash alone
            Credit cards had not been invented
            You thought twice about your purchases
            Made sure your money went where intended

            The thoughts I have of all of this
            Makes me sit back and often dream
            Of living during this stretch of time
            Where values controlled your self-esteem

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