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Tuesday, June 21, 2022


                “Charmin” got up at “Dawn”
                “Embraced the new day with a “Shout”
                A beautiful “Irish Spring” morning
                And she was “Resolve-ed” to go out
                The sun was “Sparkle”- ing overhead
                And she was “glad” that she ran
                Her hair “Cascade”-d down her shoulders
                It “Bounce”-ed tresses of gold and tan

                She entered a “Pine-Sol” forest
                And embraced it with a “Zest”
                A warm “Wind” ex was blowing
                A “Fabulosa” time, twas the best

                The view was quite “Fantastic”
                Invigorating her all “Affresh”
                Butterflies fluttered on a “Febrease”
                “Oxi-clean” colors began to mesh

                Her dog “Ajax” ran beside her
                Saw a rabbit and was “Goo Gone”
                In a thicket, she heard a “Kaboom”
                Lika a “Comet” raced on the forest lawn

                “Mr. Clean” was hunting out of season
                He was out to harvest nature’s “Bounty”
                “Charmin” “Dash” ed away for help
                And saw an officer “Scott”, a mountie

                He was writing a “Hefty” ticket
                He wore a uniform of red “Cotton-elle”
                “Mr. Clean” tried to “Lysol” out of it
                The officer “Arm & Hammer” ed it very well

                “Mr. Clean” was a “Clorox” of a man
                Tried to get away using his “Brawny”
                He took off but “Charmin” was “Swiffer”
                Like a “Dove”, was brought down at “Dawn”y

                He “Pledge”d he’d never do it again
                “Soft Scrub”bed his hands of the whole affair
                Was told his life would go down the “Drain-o”
                Unless he kept his life “Purell” and hunted fair

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