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Thursday, June 23, 2022


            If you buy a bucket of fried chicken
            And in it you find a deep-fried mouse
            Do you discard just the carcass?
            Or throw it all out of the house?

            If you see a restaurant employee
            Lick his fingers while fixing your food
            Do you accept it when they bring it
            Even though it’s disgusting and crude?

            If your server sneezes in your chili
            Or the cook nasal drips on your plate
            Do you accept it as being perfectly normal
            Tell the manager the food was great?

            Has your burger been dropped on the floor
            And carelessly thrown back on the grill?
            Do you see movement in the background
            And realize it’s roaches on a windowsill?

            Do employees really wash their hands
            After a very lengthy bathroom trip?
            It doesn’t matter, the bathroom’s so disgusting
            The floor’s so greasy you might slip!

            In your spaghetti, you find a piece of a mop
            And you wonder if it was dirty or clean
            Are you seriously considering after eating
            Going to a clinic for a hepatitis screen?

            Has your salad been washed properly”
            Or do you see evidence of slime or mold?
            Does the diarrhea you experience later
            Come as a raging dragon, fiery and bold?

            Have all the cats and dogs gone missing
            Around your favorite local restaurant?
            Does the disappearance of your cat, Fifi
            Come along with indigestion to haunt?
            If all of this sounds incredibly disgusting
            And the thoughts of it make you puke
            Then think twice before ordering dinner
            Food poisoning you may have to rebuke!

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