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Thursday, June 23, 2022


                Oh, wouldn’t we look silly?
                If we didn’t have any hair
                Imagine going through life
                Completely, follicly bare!

                There are so many aspects
                Of which we will discuss
                But isn’t it a novel thought
                To have no hair to muss

                To never have to shave again
                No matter where the spot
                And no need for your legs
                Of a wax that is very hot

                No more long, silky tresses
                Or for appointments for a perm
                Will we decorate in many ways
                A pate that’s smooth and firm

                No eyebrows to pluck, pits to shave
                And pulling of nose hair
                Or brushing off your shoulders
                Of the fallen hair that’s there

                Now there is a question I have
                And in my mind ,it always sticks
                Will everyone that we know
                Always answer to “Hey, Slick?”

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