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Tuesday, June 21, 2022


                Have you ever been in a pickle
                Find you can’t cut the mustard
                Been in situations you don’t relish
                Try to ketchup and get flustered

                Is all you want to do is loaf
                Think your situation is baloney
                Do you milk it for all it’s worth            
                Orange you glad you’re no phony

                Is your residence at porterhouse
                Have you ever been in a jam
                Is your computer acting jerky
                Because it’s infected with spam

                Is your girlfriend a hot tamale
                On your team are you a hot dog
                Have you been called Sweet Pea
                In your fireplace burned a pecan log

                Lettuce now draw some conclusions
                While our batteries hold some juice
                Because all I’ve done is ham it up
                Shame on me, I’m a silly goose!

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