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Tuesday, June 21, 2022


When the night breezes come a wafting
Stirring my curtains, entering my room
The sweet smell of honeysuckle invades
I inhale the fragrance in the nighttime’s gloom

To my window, the moonbeams beckon me
I arise from my bed, I slowly approach
In the distance, I hear a hoot owl’s call
It’s plaintive cry, silence it does broach

To the door I go, I am hesitant to go out
Something is calling, imploring me to come
Resist it, I have no resistance, I weaken
I know that invariably I will succumb

Across the lawn, I go, to the calling trees
I should be afraid, but surprisingly I’m not
My breath, it becomes shallow and ragged
My skin crawls and I am incredibly hot

Into the trees, I wander, wondering why I’m here
The whispers I keep hearing of a gentle voice
“Come away, my child, spend some time with me”
Let us walk and talk, please, it is your choice”

In the moonlight, we slowly walk, hand in hand
Safe and secure, I am in His embrace
A time of intimacy only He and I can share
As He lovingly showers me with His grace

The gentle voice that sometimes comes a wafting
Riding upon the currents of a nighttime breeze
Is one of the ways God reveals himself
To the ones that will listen, His presence they seize

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