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Tuesday, June 21, 2022



Rally around the flag, boys                                    Now they want us to forget
He gestured with a shout                                       All about history, the Civil War
The enemy, they were pressing in                          We must rally around both flags
Their safety was in doubt                                       Like we have never done before

Rally around the flag, boys
We must hold this high ground
We will not consider retreat
Did that order valiantly resound

Rally around the flag, boys
Our colors they’ll never get
This regiment will stand fast
We’ve never run as of yet

Rally around the flag, boys
Your country depends on you
Remember who you’re fighting for
The old red, white, and blue

Rally around the flag, boys
Look! They’re beginning to run
Load just one more time
Steady! Aim! Fire your gun!

Rally around the flag, boys
Give them a taste of steel
“Charge!” the order came
Your bayonets let them feel

Rally around the flag, boys
Praise God! The day is ours
The 20th Maine stood strong
Through those desperate hours

They had rallied around their flag
Joshua Chamberlain, he was proud
They had held Little Round Top
Against a desperate rebel crowd

A medal of honor he earned
For rallying around that flag
The bravery of a man and men
Atop that Little Round Top crag

Gettysburg’s battle was Union won
Because of rallying around a flag
What the 20th Maine did that day
Gave their state a reason to brag

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