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Friday, June 24, 2022


Praise the Father, Praise the Son
Praise the Spirit, three in one
Praise the Trinity for the work it’s done
Praise God Almighty, the victory’s won

Sing praises to the Lord most high
Praise Him daily for redemption is nigh
Praise, without doubt, don’t question why
Praise brings results so why not try

Praise resounds in the heavens above
Praise precedes the flight of a Dove
Praise proceeds from lips with love
Praise comes natural and fits like a glove

When you sing praises the angels rejoice
A joyful sound coming from your voice
It makes God happy you’ve made your choice
Your eternity’s secure, God stamped the invoice

Lift your voices, let praises ring
God listens intently as you sing
To exalt Him with praise is the thing
A smile on His face I’m sure it brings

The key to happiness is to offer up praise
Lift your faces toward heaven, hands raised
Know that your sins are forgiven, erased
Never remembered again, not even a trace

So praise Him daily, let Him hear
Sweet utterances to Him, oh so dear
He will listen, respond, and have no fear
Because to Him, your praises are so dear

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