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Friday, June 24, 2022


                Garage sale-ing I had gone
                On a beautiful spring day
                I was looking for a treasure
                That I could list on Ebay

                I pulled up to a house
                And I was the first one there
                It was a typical garage sale
                Clothing, dishes, lawn chairs

                In the garage I saw it
                Nestled between jeans and socks
                It was a vintage thingamajig
                In its original box

                Hands trembling, I grabbed it
                Searched for the price
                I went to pay for it
                I didn't have to think twice

                From there I went home
                To see how well I'd done
                Reference books came out
                My excitement had begun

                I've had whatsits, thingamabobs
                Thingamajigs I'd never had
                After searching through my books
                Finding it made me glad
                I quickly listed it on Ebay
                The results, I was thrilled
                When the bidding was over
                It brought ten hundred dollar bills!

                So, if you have a thingamajig
                Please, don't throw it away
                Sell it to me, pretty please
                So that I can list it on Ebay!

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