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Friday, July 1, 2022



If a passion is a calling
Then I’m certain I know mine
Putting my thoughts to a paper
Jot and tittle, line by line

In my life its an entity
Something that I daily deal with
The scope of what iIdo
Covers a broad depth and width

One moment I’m writing humor
The next? It might be macabre
But what I find the dearest
Writing about God is my job

For when I write about Him
It’s done with reverence and awe
When I ask Him, He leads me
And He never lets me fall

The other categories are fun
And I do them on a whim
When I write about my Master
I do it to praise, exalt him

If about Him I couldn’t write
In me, there would  be a hole
Therefore I always do my best
Praising Him with my heart and soul

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