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Thursday, July 14, 2022



Greg and Julie were having a fight
The issue? Their newborn’s name
Back and forth the argument went
They should have been ashamed

A scan told them what they needed
The bundle of joy? A baby boy
Julie was wanting the name Peyton
Greg was infatuated with the name Roy

Neither one of them would give in
So, they decided to flip a coin
Over and over in the air, it spun
In anticipation, hand in hand joined

On edge, that coin finally landed
Rolled into a coercer and got stuck
Standing on edge, it stood there
They silently stared, “Just our luck!”

“Let’s try it again,” Greg suggested
And into the air, it flippingly went
On edge, it landed, to corner rolled
On edge, it stood, that Lincoln cent

“I want to name my son Peyton!”
“Oh Yeah! His name is gonna be Roy!”
Back and forth the couple argued
They finally gave up, both were annoyed

“Let’s try it just one more time”
In frustration, they both agreed
That stupid coin, it did it again
They named their son “Flip,” as fate decreed

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