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Tuesday, July 5, 2022


In the very near future, it surely will happen
From His throne, our Master will descend
The trumpet will sound and away we’ll go
To meet Him on a cloud, we will ascend

His bride will assemble, praising His name
From our mortal bodies, we will transcend
A new creation through Him we’ve become
Ready to enjoy Heaven’s glorious dividends

The sacrifice that Christ made for us
We will then totally understand, comprehend
To realize that Jesus loved us so much
That on the cross His blood He’d spend

The price that He paid because of love
Was more than a wage or a stipend
Because He died a great victory was won
All of Satan’s plans it did finally upend

But first, there is something we must do
For all our sins we must make amends
Our sin is a putrid stench to our Lord
It’s very presence to Him it does offend

On our knees, we repent, come to Him
In the Godhead, we believe and depend
Now the battle is over, the victory won
From Satan’s grasp, we are finally rend

The abyss that had separated us from Him
Has been repaired, something He did mend
Our eternal home is with the Trinity above
Where their love for us never, ever ends

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