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Thursday, July 28, 2022



As an individual we are nothing
Just a minute blip in all time
Our destiny from birth is ordained
Our life either ordinary or sublime

In this vast ocean of humanity
We float along with the tide
We can either assert ourselves
Or we will forever eternally hide

Or there is another alternative
That will lift you above the rest
It will float you to the surface
And rescue you from Satan’s duress

This alternative began at the cross
When Jesus died for our sins
This plan came from the Father
Designed to cleanse you deep within

Because of this, we can be saved
Spend eternity with our Heavenly Father
From that ocean, we were redeemed
Making sure that Satan was bothered

And because of Christ’s sacrifice
The body of Christ we became
No more flotsam in the ocean
When we accepted Christ’s holy name

At that moment we became His body
In His Holy Book, we are found
And when we walk through that gate
All Heaven will jubilantly resound

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