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Monday, September 19, 2022


On a slab of chiseled rock, He lay
That broken shell of a man
Betrayed, ridiculed, and broken
“Crucify him!” the crowd demand

Now He lay dead inside a tomb
Linen wrapped, anointed with spice
A stone, it sealed the entrance
Until the sun, it came up thrice

That stone? it was rolled away
For an angel, a simple task
The sun was on the horizon
The entrance its rays it basked

An angel loosened His shroud
Then began to slowly unwind
The face of our Savior appeared
The visage of a man treated unkindly

Suddenly His eyes opened
He filled His lungs with fresh air
Sitting up, He faced the morning sun
His rising He needed to share

A prophecy, it had been fulfilled
The Messiah would rise again
No tomb could hold His body
Nor His identity have to defend

From a babe lying in a manger
To our Lord Jesus crucified
On Earth, He had one purpose
For our sins, He willingly died

Now He anxiously awaits us
He will welcome us at that gate
Into His embrace, we will go
Eternal life with Him as our fate

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