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Monday, September 5, 2022


It is sold by the cup full
And usually poured from a pot
Full aroma, decaf, breakfast blend
It’s best served piping hot

Most people drink it early
It helps them start their day
Others drink it twenty-four seven
Downing countless cups along the way

From a simple brew to the exotic
They come in a cappuccino or latte
Whatever your heart, it desires
Maybe expresso, mocha, or frappe

As caffeine goes, it has it
Giving a jolt to keep you awake
Some tend to drink it to excess
Addicted? - you it will make

Me? I can’t stand the stuff
All it is…. is dirty water
Caffeine, I get all of mine
From something cold, not hotter

So, all of you coffee freaks
Keep on drinking that nasty brew
If it makes you happy, drink it
Dirty water side effects will get you!

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