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Thursday, September 22, 2022


There’s a cabin nestled deep in the woods
Long ago abandoned and in need of repair
It was discovered purely by accident
By a man, weary, broken down by despair

At first, he was hesitant to go inside
But his curiosity overcame his fear
Besides that, a bad storm was coming
By the thunder, he knew it was near

The ramshackle door was off its hinges
The windows were dark and broken out
A cold rain began to soak the old floor
There were holes in the roof, no doubt

With broken wood scraps, he built a fire
Then found a dry corner for his bed
From his knapsack, he pulled a can
Pork and beans, he was barely fed

In the flickering light of the fireplace
On a nearby shelf saw a tattered book
His curiosity got the better of him
He decided he had to take a closer look

In his hands, he held a dusty old Bible
Belonging to a family that was long gone
He took it closer to the warm fireplace
And then read it until the break of dawn

In that cabin that night he found Jesus
He poured out his heart about his life
Shared with the Master all his problems
And how his life was so full of strife

He asked Jesus to please forgive him
Face down on a rain-soaked cabin floor
Felt a love and peace totally engulf him
It was something he had never felt before

That old cabin, it still stands out there
Waiting for another sinner to come along
If one does on another miserable night
Jesus will lead him to where he belongs

Through the years the total added up
Of the ones who had met the Lord
In a cabin nestled deep in the woods
They now hold services in one accord

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