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Tuesday, September 13, 2022



He could see it in the distance
Cars were parked beside the road
His truck, he had to downshift
He was hauling a heavy load

People were heading that way
Had their Bibles in their hands
Up ahead he could see the tent
And he began to understand

What he saw was a camp meeting
He had seen them there before
In the past, he had always driven by
Stopping would have been a chore

Slowly he crept by that tent
Something told him he’d better stop
Up ahead he saw an open field
It was barren and void of crops

Parking the truck, he began to walk
Feeling summoned, to the tent he went
He took a seat in the back row
What he witnessed made him repent

He saw miracles happen that night
Saw walkers and canes thrown away
Hundreds went to the altar call
Right up front with them, he prayed

A calling, it was on his life
And to miss it he couldn’t afford
He had gone there with the Devil
And he left there with the Lord

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