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Friday, September 9, 2022



Little Billy pitched his tent
Underneath a magnolia tree
Started a fire, cooked a meal
Went to the woods to pee

Behind a bush, he stood
Started to unzip his fly
Saw two eyeballs watching
From nearby, made him cry

From behind a tree, they were
Blood red, they intently stared
Billy was too scared to pee
He thought it was a bear

What to do, he didn’t know
All over he began to tremble
His thoughts; went astray
Them he tried to reassemble

Slowly he turned to flee
He then heard a tree knock
A loud screeching whoop
Put him into a terrible shock

To his tent, he quickly raced
Little Billy began to cry
Was it going to eat him?
He was sure he would die

From the tent flaps, he watched
As it stooped, licked his skillet
Saw a bunch of bananas
Its mouth, it began to fill it

With a grunt and a howl
It raced into the woods
Stopped, and looked back
Then was gone for good

Little Billy emerged from his tent
He chuckled, then sat down
What he saw eating his fruit
Made him smile, not frown

He knew his sister was weird
And liked to do strange things
She had come to scare him
Took joy in the fright it brings

Now, payback would be terrible
As he began to scheme and plan
When the appropriate time came
It’d be more than she could stand

Little Billy still pitches his tent
Underneath that magnolia tree
Of his sister, he has no fear
She’s locked up, she’s not free!

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