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Tuesday, September 6, 2022



They usually start as whispers
Those voices you barely hear
In the background, they lurk
Their purpose? To create fear

Those whispers will never stop
You must exercise mind control
If they are allowed to continue
Will wreak havoc on your soul

Those whispers, they prompt you
Telling you what to do
Putting thoughts into your mind
Their origin? You’ve no clue

The entity behind those whispers
Is both subtle and sly
He knows what he is doing
His evilness you can’t deny

Those whispers are nasty things
They are a tool Satan will use
The choice is totally up to you
Whether you listen or refuse

Refuse, they’ll hopefully go away
To be replaced by another voice
One bound from Heaven above
On hearing it you will rejoice

This voice is soft and sweet
It arrives on an angel’s wings
It is the voice of the Savior
Announcing the love it brings

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