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Friday, November 25, 2022


It is said that your eyes are windows
Through which you can see your soul
Everything that enters has significance
Either good or bad, I’ve been told

Since from childbirth Satan controls you
He will tempt you with things that please
Things that are attractive to the eye
Becoming an unquenchable desire disease

He will parade sin before your eyes
Something to make you think it is good
The more you give in, the more it comes
Trapped, stopping it, you know you should

He will show you things you shouldn’t see
Things that will make you blush and shudder
Make you want things you shouldn’t have
Cause strife between you and your brother

The eyes want thus, the eyes want that
There will be no end to the yearning
the inner turmoil that your spirit feels
Keeps those wants and desires burning

There are times when your eyes need washed
So that you can make correct decisions
How to see past all of Satan’s conniving
And accept his wiles as nothing but derision

Then your eyes will open to the truth
God’s wisdom will invade your very soul
Things that Satan tempted you with
Are seen as hay and stubble from Sheol

Your eyes can be trained to see good
How to overlook the things that condemn
Once taught to follow the good and narrow
That path teaches you how to avoid them

Your windows can see both good and bad
It is up to you what you allow to come in
You can revel in the good things from God
Or you can continue to surrender to sin

Wednesday, November 23, 2022


You don’t have to stand behind a pulpit
Or be on a praise and worship team
Don’t have to teach a class Sunday morning
Or be able to interpret prophecies and dreams

You don’t have to drive the church bus
Or be on the elder and deacon board
All you have to do is be willing
With what you have to share the Lord

All you have to do is speak out
Let His love from you freely flow
Have the courage to honor your convictions
Let the Jesus inside you outwardly show

You don’t have to be a public speaker
Or be a well-known gospel star
He has equipped you with what you need
He will use you just as you are

All it takes is faith, a little courage
To make sure the gospel seed is sown
When you do He’ll be by your side
You will never have to witness alone

Tuesday, November 22, 2022



Wilma was in the kitchen washing dishes
When she heard the doorbell ring
Muttered, “Now who could that be?”
While drying her hands, untying apron strings

She opened her door for her best friends
Betty Bump and Hilda Guard came in
The biggest gossips in the neighborhood
Had news about a neighbor’s terrible sin

“Did you hear about Wanda and Wilbur?”
“She knocked him out with a frying pan!”
“What did he do? Why did she hit him?”
“Does it matter? After all, he is a man!”

“The police came and took them away”
“They had to put them in separate cars”
“I wonder what will come of it?”
“Who cares! It’s juicy news so far!”

“Wilma, you go tell Rachel and Ruth”
“Betty, you need to get on the phone”
“Hilda! What are you going to do?”
“I’m going to go tell Sally and Joan!”

They went on their gossip assignments
This news they just couldn’t keep in
Sadly, none of them remotely realized
That their gossip was definitely a sin

What they did was cause more strife
Thinking their gossip would do no harm
All it did was accelerate the problem
From a private spat to a public alarm


 It is porcelain and white
And has a room of its own
Every day you will go there
You will find it in your home

It has been called a library
A place to go and read
Although not very comfortable
It will satisfy your need

Others call it a throne room
But you won’t wear a crown
You’re in there for a reason
And then you flush it down

Some will call it a crapper
Using the inventor’s name
That name is used a lot
The inventor is to be blamed

It’s been called many names
A potty or thunder mug
I prefer the name of a toilet
As its seat, I sometimes hug

No matter what it’s called
This one thing I do know
You better hope you find one
If you really have to go!

Friday, November 18, 2022



There is something little boys want
When they get one they squeal
A toy that makes them happy
It’s a little car called Hot Wheels

In a blister pack, they come
In all sizes, shapes, and forms
In every color under the rainbow
Doesn’t affect how they perform

On the floor they create magic
Because they make little boys smile
Back and forth they quickly race
Covering untold countless miles

They are an indestructible toy
Created for a child’s hard play
Stomped on, hit with a hammer
They endure abuse every day

It’s a toy for all the ages
One that will never grow old
When I think back on mine
My memories are sharp and bold

Older ones are rare, sought after
Collectors, they pay big bucks
When they find a real beauty
They daydream, considering it luck

I’ve seen many grown men cry
When they find one they once had
Reminiscing about times long past
When their toys made them glad

Thursday, November 17, 2022



Have you ever tried online dating?
And much to your surprise
The person you end up meeting
Is totally repulsive before your eyes

The online photo that you saw
Was of someone quite petite
The person standing before you
Has size sixteen triple E feet

If they have all of their teeth
It would outnumber their hair
And when they try to sit down
It takes two side by side chairs

Their cheap perfume is overpowering
To cover their body odor, it tries
Along with sweat, there is filth
Their wrinkled clothing, no surprise

One size fits all doesn’t apply
They are wearing a wrinkled tent
By their height and mighty girth
For food, all their money was spent

They look at you with unbridled love
While you look for a place to hide
Being polite means don’t be rude
Even though you’re cringing inside

So, if you’re into online dating
And they look too good to be true
Chances are it very probably is
Their picture should be the clue

Wednesday, November 16, 2022


As my golden years have arrived
I find I am losing my touch
Everything I pick up I drop
And it annoys me, oh so much

I find it is so much easier
To just throw it on the floor
I know I will drop it anyway
Like so many times before

It makes no difference what it is
It will slip from my grasp
Those fingers will also fail me
If I try to undo any clasp

Buttonholes become the next issue
That makes me want to cry
Buttons too big, holes too small
The ensuing torture makes me cry

I find my arms are too short
And sometimes they are too long
My eyesight dictates their length
Focusing on an object, always wrong

Sometimes I find myself on my back
How I got there, I don’t know
The ground reaches out, grabs me
As I writhe in pain down below

I find I don’t bounce near as well
As I did when I was a kid
The stiffness I feel the next day
Dictates how my health has slid

Here I am in my golden years
I can’t see or grasp anything
I can’t stand up or button my shirt
Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings!

Tuesday, November 15, 2022



He was just a simple fisherman
When a man approached him on the beach
Something about the man intrigued him
And to an agreement they quickly reached

The man asked him to go with Him
To put his nets and fishing aside
Told him that he had a calling
To be “Fishers Of me,” with Him coincide

That day he took a step of faith
To follow a man he did not know
In time there were eleven more
All to follow Him, destination unknown

He watched this man perform miracles
Heard Him teach the Word of God
In awe he watched Him raise the dead
Always meek, unbelievers deemed Him odd

By his faith, he walked on water
And then he faltered and began to sink
The Master reached out, offered His hand
And raised him from the watery brink

The priesthood labeled Jesus dangerous
Even though He never committed a crime
They considered His words blasphemous
His demise was only a matter of time

Peter watched as the treachery unfolded
Was shocked when Judas betrayed Him
In the shadows, he was at the trial
Knew that Jesus’ survival chances were slim

In the crowd, he was recognized thrice
And afraid, he vowed he knew Him not
Immediately he heard a cock crow
And in anguish, he wept, remorse he fought

Peter was just a simple fisherman
A man that the Savior had sought
He went on to be a mighty fisherman
He proved it by the souls he caught

Monday, November 14, 2022



He came running through the brambles
Snorting and cavorting amidst the trees
On all four legs, he was a flying
He was being chased by a swarm of bees

Every sting made him bellow with pain
And he was getting stung a plenty
He just couldn’t get away from them
Unfortunately, there were way too many

Up ahead he could see an inviting pond
And made a beeline straight for it
With a leap and a mighty splash
Submerged, hoping the bees would quit

When he surfaced to fill his lungs
They honed in and popped his nose
With a gargled bellow, he sank again
Until he felt mud between his toes

He knew they were up there waiting
Knew it was just a matter of time
He was going to have to get out
And as a target, he was surely prime

Desperate, he began to weaken
If he stayed there any longer he’d die
He decided that he had to get out
Or at least he had to give it a good try

With a mighty bellow, he surfaced
And the winged assassins took their toll
Weakened, he went down for the count
Became a burger on a sesame seed roll!

Friday, November 11, 2022


When He comes knocking on your door
Will you go and see who is there?
Or will you ignore, refuse to answer
Decline to listen to what he shares?

And if He keeps on persistently knocking
And you refuse to let Him come in
It means you’re comfortable where you are
And you will keep on committing sin

The knocking on your door you will ignore
And will continue to turn a deaf ear
Over time that knocking will fade away
Your response to Him was crystal clear

But if that knocking makes you curious
Then there’s a chance you will listen
The truth to you will become revealing
And in remorse, your eyes will glisten

That knocking will then become a tugging
As your heartstrings, He will pull
And then as the Holy Spirit convicts
Your repentance will be honest and full

Whether the knock is subtle or loud
He will continue until you say no
He will cry because He truly loves you
Knowing that to Hell you will go

If you get very quiet you can hear it
That gentle knocking in your heart
Our precious Savior has come calling
His love for you will never depart

He stands patiently at your heart’s door
Waiting for you to let Him come in
He will save you just as you are
With His blood, He’ll wash away your sin

Wednesday, November 9, 2022


The snow, it is falling
I’ve got a bad head cold
The water pipes are frozen
My goosebumps are bold

The car battery is dead
The dumb thing won’t start
The driveway needs shoveling
Not good for my heart

The streets are ice covered
I’ve got places to go
The temperature outside?
It’s a balmy twenty below

Sidewalks are treacherous
For this wary old man
Going out concerns me
And I do the best I can

The medicine cabinet is full
Cough syrup, antihistamines
The only one that is well
The druggist’s finances, it seems

The doctor’s offices are full
They are a haven for disease
I’ll only go if I’m dying
In my hanky, I will sneeze

The house is very drafty
By the fireplace, I will stay
Shivering, all I wish for
Is a warm summer day

My sheets must be flannel
My covers, at least three
Burrowed deep inside them
Is where you will find me

Because winter lingers
It always has its way
Makes sure that I’m miserable
As its might it displays

The sun comes up mid-morning
Goes down late afternoon
All I can possibly wish for is
Spring! Please come soon!



All God wants is our praise
When we don’t He feels mocked
When neglected He will rely on
Praise from all of the rocks

A rock has no feelings
It is a cold, inanimate stone
But when God seeks them out
It is because He feels alone

It would be an astounding thing
Listening to the rocks praise Him
It would also be quite humbling
Realizing our failure deep within

If all of the rocks praise Him
It would be fantastic when they cry
The din would be deafening
As they sing praises on high

I never want to hear them
It would mean that I have failed
That is why I worship Him
Unto Him, my praises loudly sail

Scripture reference - Luke 19:40

Tuesday, November 8, 2022



Is that all there is to it?
To say the words “Forgiver Me?”
To get down on one’s knees
And offer up a simple plea

Is that all there is to it?
It seems there should be more
The simplicity of it astounds me
To attain eternal life’s open door

Is that all there is to it?
To be forgiven of our sins
To confess that you’re a sinner
And be cleansed without, within

Is that all there is to it?
Then why do people still rebel?
Why are people so intent
On spending eternity in Hell?

If that is all there is to it
Then salvation is easy to receive
All it takes is some faith
And a willingness to believe

If that is all there is to it
Then on my knees, you’ll find me
I’ll be basking in my Savior’s love
I’m where I’m supposed to be

Monday, November 7, 2022



In our darkness, we often stumble
Over barriers constantly in our way
We struggle to maneuver around it
Only to face another unfortunate delay

This is the sordid story of our lives
Satan makes sure it stays that way
He constantly places things before us
It is sin in various shades of grey

Sometimes you can see it clearly
And others it will be highly obscured
Yet in your darkness, it’s always there
Distorted, transfigured, and blurred

This world was stained for us
By a being that knows us very well
He’s the master of lies and deception
He wants to take all of us to Hell

He knows how to use the darkness
In order to help us live a sinful lie
He knows that when he has us
Our future is to sadly eternally die

He is comfortable in the darkness
In the shadows, he bides his time
His intentions are nothing but devious
Helping us to commit an eternal crime

Out of his darkness comes temptation
Its sole purpose is to seduce
When we allow it to enter in
We are lost, a piece of lonely refuse

Saturday, November 5, 2022


Lulu pansy stood up very tall
Beneath the sycamore tree
With many others, she stood
She was an inconspicuous me

She longed to be a tiger lily
Standing tall, facing the sun
She was short and very squat
A very inconspicuous one

She dreaded the spring rains
She hated to get her feet wet
She would rather be a cactus
Have her feet in the sand set

There was a pesky rabbit
Who on pansies did feed
She saw him watching her
He was hungry, yes indeed

Ever inching forward, he came
Nose twitching in the air
He honed in on her
Wanting to nip, it wasn’t fair

Other pansies hid their faces
From him tried to hide
One by one, he did eat
Until he stood by her side

Big Bertha, the bumblebee
Under Lulu Pansy, was hid
When the rabbit took a bite
You’d be surprised what she did

Rabbit had a mouthful of bee
Big Berth stung his lip
Emitting and injured bunny cry
Left Lulu, from pansies, he slipped

Lulu Pansy is now safe
She’s satisfied with her size
No more will the rabbit come
Doesn’t want another surprise!

Thursday, November 3, 2022



The moon was high in the sky
When he heard the coyote yelp
He instantly knew what it was
His family was alone with no help

To a shutter, he immediately went
Old Joe was lying on his side
An arrow was in clear sight
He knew that Old Joe was dead

He woke his wife and his sons
Loaded the guns by fireplace light
He had no doubt what was coming
For their lives, they’d have to fight

They were twenty miles from town
Their nearest neighbor, ten miles away
If they were to survive the night
Then they desperately needed to pray

They barricaded the heavy cabin door
By the windows took their place
Shutters were closed, the rifle slots open
Had grim looks on each face

They watched as the barn was lit
Saw their stock burn to their dismay
Heard the bawls of their milk cow
As it roasted amidst the burning hay

In the moonlight, they saw movement
Saw figures creeping their way
Taking aim, they began to fire
Intending to make the Comanches pay

There were too many, this they knew
And it was only a matter of time
They knew the door would be breached
They’d be victims of Comanche crime

They were huddled in a far corner
Were prepared to forfeit their lives
Shotguns were loaded with buckshot
Their last resort would be their knives

The door was about to cave in
The women began to sob and cry
The men placed themselves in front
They would be the first to die

Above the shrieks, they heard gunshots
Then the thunder of hooves outside
The Comanches began to slip away
Taking their wounded, those who died

In the barnyard were Texas Rangers
They had been out on routine patrol
They saw the fire and came running
Hoping in time to save their souls

Gathering around, they thanked the men
Then on their knees, thanked the Lord
He had heard their prayer just in time
Sent them help against the savage horde


Little Polly has a good job
Working in a berry patch
Twenty cents a quart she’s paid
Unfortunately, there’s a catch

She has a quota to fill
For her, it isn’t very easy
She eats every other berry
Her stomach, it gets queasy

Money, she doesn’t make much
But to her, that’s all right
She never does go hungry
Has a belly full every night

She does just barely enough
To not get herself fired
Would have to do something stupid
Something ridiculously dire

Every day she goes to work
Down in that berry patch
Stuffing her face fast as she can
She eats half of her batch

Her boss, he was losing money
His berry supply, it dwindled
He had to do something
He felt he was being swindled

Little Polly, she got fired
No more berries will she pick
Her stomach problems haven’t stopped
Now rhubarb makes her sick!

She takes a bite and grimaces
But she eats it anyway
The bitterness makes her gag
She eats two pounds a day

Rhubarb, it makes you go
It cleans you out real quick
That is if you really like it
And it doesn’t make you sick

Her new boss, he likes her
His crop, not much she eats
The rhubarb, it is safe
She spends time on the toilet seat

Wednesday, November 2, 2022



The day had begun like any other day
The sun was quickly warming the air
A dust cloud was seen in the distance
Signaling that someone was coming there

Excitement was obvious in Jerusalem
The Ark Of The Covenant was coming home
No more would it be held captive
No more would it wander and roam

From distant Obed Edom, it had journeyed
The children of Israel were accompanying it
A place in the tabernacle had been prepared
A fitting place for it to reside and finally sit

As it drew near the music was heard
Cymbals, harps, horns, and tambourines
The trill of the Israeli women’s voices
Above the music was so sharply keen

But what caught everyone’s attention
Was the man who was bringing it here
In stark contrast to everyone else
He was nearly naked, yet had no fear

Before his God, the man vigorously danced
Leaping high into the air, he sang praises
Not caring about his physical appearance
Nor how many judgmental eyebrows it raises

King David was joyously worshipping the Lord
Humbling himself, he proudly led the way
Jerusalem’s tabernacle was prepared, ready
To receive the Ark that homecoming day

By debasing himself his God was pleased
The blessings to David, they overflowed
By honoring God with his ecstatic dance
His humility to Israel, he then showed

Tuesday, November 1, 2022



She knew that she was being followed
She could tell by the whispers in the wind
That uncanny feeling she was being watched
Was something she couldn’t possibly rescind

Sarah was going home from a friend’s house
At ten thirty the streets were just barely lit
Dark shadows were foreboding all around her
A wind was blowing, the rustling wouldn’t quit

The first inkling that she might be in trouble
Were the footsteps she could barely hear
When she stopped to listen, they did the same
Her first reaction was to cry out in fear

“Who’s there?” she cried, “What do you want?”
In return, she could hear the footsteps begin
Picking up the pace, she saw a street light ahead
Ran for it, looked back where she had been

A dark figure emerged from behind a tree
And began to slowly stalk, come her way
Only one thought then crossed Sarah’s mind
“Am I going to die or get raped today?”

She cringed as he came into her sight
He began to giggle as he drew ever near
She was so terrified she couldn’t move
Cowering, she trembled, then burst into tears

In moments he was towering over here
Reaching down for her, he laughed out loud
In an instant, something miraculously happened
A figure appeared, descending from a cloud

With a mighty hand, it grabbed her assailant
Picked him up and violently hurled him away
From the ground, the man looked and panicked
Then got to his feet, much to his dismay

The figure glared at him and then hit him
The man crumpled and laid at his feet
The man would remember this night forever
How an angel he did so drastically meet

The angel turned to Sarah, nodded, and smiled
And then he disappeared before her eyes
The rest of her way home was uneventful
Her rescue, she didn’t believe was a surprise

She knew that she had a guardian angel
Had been assigned one when she got saved
Tonight she got to see him in action
In her mind, it would always be engraved