Featured Poem

A Cubby Hole Heart

There are places in the heart

Where one very seldom goes

Cubby Holes filled with pain

Contents only you will know

One spot may hold heartache

And it comes in many forms

From the loss of a loved one

To the agony of a stillborn

Disappointment fills another

With the results just as sad

From the losing of a good job

To the snubbing from a dad

The ending of a long marriage

Or teasing endured as a child

Angry words spoken out of turn

Actions done in haste and wild

All of these lie dormant

Waiting to be triggered anew

A circumstance, a spoken word

Or maybe a hidden clue

Tucked away, hidden deep

Surrounded by sturdy walls

Cobwebs spun for a covering

They silently await a call

A holy broom would be handy

To sweep those Cubby Holes clean

Clearing away the hostage pain

And never again felt or seen


June 14, 2022