Who Had Who?

Asleep, basking on a rock he found it
In a meadow exploring one day
Being careful not to wake it up
He decided to catch it with no delay

Creeping close, he quickly grabbed it
Behind its head was the targeted spot
With a violent start, it came alive
And the battle became extremely hot

Around his arm, it quickly coiled
Its mouth gaping and open wide
Its body gyrating and contorting
Fangs wanting a piece of his hide

And now it became a serious situation
Of actually who had who
Finding he couldn’t safely let it go
He didn’t know what to do

A rattlesnake is a fearful thing
Especially while it’s in your grip
When found you’d best leave them alone
From your presence let them slip

So, now he had a serious dilemma
No one was near to hear his cry
He had to somehow try to figure out
How from his arm somehow it pry

Tuesday, June 21, 2022