The Scissors And The Word

With scissors, he opened the book
And vigorously began to clip
Anything that he didn’t believe in
From his Bible, he quickly snipped

Healing scriptures, they went first
There’s no way that it works!
Whenever he got hurt or sick
A doctor’s visit was his perk

The Baptism of the Holy Spirit
Those scriptures, they had to go
Speaking in an unknown language
To him was definitely a no no

The Second Chapter of Acts
First Corinthians Chapter Thirteen
Were things that he couldn’t do
Because his conscience wasn’t clean

On and on he relentlessly went
Cutting this and clipping that
His Bible became a pamphlet
Of mostly non-convicting stats

When he was finally finished
And had scrutinized his work
He realized what he had done
And the Living Word he’d shirked

Now he put his scissors away
Held his pamphlet in his hand
The Word purged of its power
Couldn’t convict this stupid man

Tuesday, June 21, 2022