Southern Comfort

Does the thought of Southern Comfort

Put an anxious smile on your face.

Put in a tumbler with cubes of ice

Something from your mind you can’t erase

But there is another Southern Comfort

That will also make you smile

Because when it is piled on your plate

That first bite is so worthwhile

When we talk about southern food

So many culinary treats come to mind

Just loosen your belt and listen

As we discuss the delightful kinds

First off, let’s talk about fried chicken

Golden brown and finger-licking good

Barbecue ribs dripping with sauce

Pick between the two, I wish I could!

Mac and cheese and hush puppies

Fried okra, pan of golden cornbread

A piece of pecan pie, maybe peach

Bring happy thoughts to my head

How about some crispy fried potatoes

Cooked in extremely hot grease

A bowl of fried green tomatoes

Makes me ask for more, pretty please

How about some ham and soup beans

A big wedge of fresh key lime pie

Gator tail and deep-fried shrimp

Will make me happily gasp and sigh

And don’t forget about the hominy

And how about a plate of grits

A fresh moon pie for your dessert

Is about as good as it possibly gets

This is my idea of Southern Comfort

World-renowned as comfort food

When I pleasantly push my plate away

Eat some more? I wish I could!

Wednesday, August 24, 2022