A Running Tally

He found himself keeping a running tally

Of the ones he led to the Lord

It was something that he always did

Hoping he was in God’s holy accord

Getting people saved became a contest

One a day was his ultimate goal

He began preaching on street corners

His sole purpose was to save a soul

Most people thought he was crazy

Others looked at him with disdain

But it was something he had to do

Heaven, he wanted people to attain

People ran when they saw him coming

Others slammed their door in his face

That didn’t stop him, not at all

What he was doing was in God’s grace

Then one day he stood before the Father

To recount his life’s deeds on Earth

The Father had a copy of his tally

Read their names and of their rebirth

The crown he received was tremendous

There were stones for everyone saved

His mansion was one of the best

On a street that was goldenly paved

June 14, 2022