It Took A Rock!

The noise was deafening, it absolutely roared. The trees shook, Birds fluttered around totally disoriented, dogs howled and ran in circles, windows shattered and car alarms went off in a cacophony of sound. Babies squalled at the top of their lungs, their mothers trying desperately to calm them down.

At first, no one could figure out what it was. They would plug their ears and try to talk over the din.

“What in the world is it? Does anybody know?” someone asked.

“I’ve heard all kinds of rumors. Nothing has been substantiated yet.”

“It’s deafening! I thought the seven-year locusts were bad!”

“We have to turn the volume all the way up in order to hear the tv.”

“We do too. I haven’t slept for days. It’s impossible.”

Finally, a pastor figured it out. He was reading in Luke and it came to him. “Could this be the cause of the uproar?” he thought to himself, “I wonder?”

The following Sunday he stood before his congregation. Praise and worship had been dismal and he was upset. The people sat and waited for him to speak.

“In my preparation for my sermon, the Lord has shown me something. He has shown me what the cause of noise is and it makes me ashamed. Would you like to know what it is?”

Several heads nodded yes and he continued.

“Turn in your Bibles to Luke. There is a scripture there that tells us what it is. Has anybody found it?”

After a couple of minutes, a hand was raised in the congregation.

“Yes, Tom, what did you find?”

“Is it the scripture about the rocks?”

“Yes, it is. I believe that because of our indifference, the rocks are crying out to God and praising Him. If we won’t praise Him they will and that is what they are doing!”

The congregation cringed at his accusation.

“Are we going to be out praised in our church by rocks? I most certainly hope not! I want the praise and worship team back up here now! We are going to praise the roof down!”

The word got out and other churches followed suit and the noise began to diminish. Slowly at first, but after a couple of months, it was hardly noticeable.

“We finally got their attention,” said Jesus.

“Yes, my son, we did,” said the Father, “sometimes it takes a rock, a very vocal rock!”

February 4, 2021

Photo courtesy of Pixabay