It's Just A Book

“It’s just a book,” people say
While trying to negate its worth
“Nobody believes it anyway”
“No such thing as a virgin birth”

It’s been ridiculed and burned
Labeled as being an intricate joke
Dissected, scrutinized, and ignored
Then labeled a religion that’s broke

Scientists, they try to dispute it
Saying Darwin’s theory makes sense
Other religions, they tout their case
Causing confrontations, hot, intense

If all of this could possibly be true
Then why do people the Bible buy
After all, it is the all-time best seller
It tends to  make you wonder why

Believe it or not, it’s alive
It’s full of God’s holy living Word
Something no other religion can claim
Of this, I am totally assured

To me, it’s not just any old book
It is the reason that I live
In it there is love and peace
And a Heavenly Father who forgives

Friday, June 17, 2022