Striking A Rock

It was incredibly hot and dry

With no water to be found

Six million people were there

To them, he was duty bound

The elders, they come to see him

They inquired about their need

They asked,” What can we do?”

Without water flocks, we cannot feed

“Our animals, they are thirsty”

“Our wives and families too”

“To this  barren place, you led us”

“What are we supposed to do?”

He listened to all their grumbling

And to the Lord, he went

On his knees bowed before Him

Much prayer time he there spent

An answer, it then came forth

To most, it would be a shock

He was to take his wooden staff

And go and once strike a rock

He gathered the people together

Then stood before a large stone

With his staff, he struck it twice

For their unbelief, he then atoned

From that rock gushed forth water

Enough to nourish all of their needs

Moses failed to do as he was told

But satisfied their fear and greed

Hebrews were a stiff-necked people

The miracle they soon forgot

Spent forty years in the wilderness

Reaping the reward that they got!

June 14, 2022