Missy And The Squirrel

From the tree, it scampered
Straight to our deck, it came
Its tail was floating in the air
Sunflower seeds wanted to claim

On the deck, it now perched
Cramming in seeds fast as it could
Tail twitching with contentment
It knew that it had it good

Our Yorkie rose from her bed
She knew that it was there
Ears cocked, straining to hear it
Around her neck was bristling hair

Excited, she began to bark
Thru the window, I watched the squirrel
It was motionless, a statue
Waiting to see what would unfurl

Opening the door, she was gone
Doing her very best to catch
The intruder on our deck
She desperately wanted to snatch

The squirrel. it took flight
With our Yorkie on its tail
Up the tree, it quickly raced
Getting away, it had prevailed

Around the tree our Yorkie ran
Daring it to come down and play
The squirrel, it sat there chattering
“Me, come down! Ain’t no way!”

Friday, June 17, 2022