It Took A Bite!

I wonder what it was like

When Adam and Eve took a bite?

When their eyes were carnally opened

While standing naked in the light

I wonder what they were thinking

When Satan whispered in their ear?

The way he turned God’s word around

Making God’s command not clear

I can imagine God’s disappointment

When they partook of that forbidden fruit

How their disobedience opened the door

And the world became Satan’s loot

I wonder if when God banned them

Did He, in His disappointment, cry?

Knowing that because of Satan’s deception

Adam and Eve had spiritually died

I wonder about the earth’s curse

And the changes that God made

How He turned a perfect world

Into a place to cause utter dismay

I wonder about all the animals

And how their diet drastically changed

How from eating grass to each other

Must have been awkward and strange

I wonder if as the couple left

If in remorse, they looked back?

They left a garden of plenty

To a life of struggle and Satan’s attacks

Wednesday, October 5, 2022