Wilbur And The Bass

Dangling on a hook he was
Suspended beneath a bobber
Wilbur wiggled so enticingly
Just waiting to get clobbered

From beneath a lily pad
It watched with anticipation
A bass of gigantic size
Began stalking, slow gyrations

Wilbur, he saw it coming
Couldn’t get out of the way
With open mouth, gills flared
A deadly game it played

Wilbur, he was frantic
He knew he was gonna die
The bass, it circled around
To make a successful try

With a ferocity it struck
The angler set the hook
The bass, it went wild
Wilbur held on while it shook

Into the boat it was landed
Wilbur was safe and sound
The angler picked him up
To another hook was bound

When the day was over
After the fish were cleaned
Wilbur retired to his box
Resting in a worm bedding tureen

Tomorrow, another day
More battles against a fish
Dangling on a hook again
Then another night in a dish

Tuesday, June 21, 2022