Is It To Late?

Tell me, is it too late to fix it
This country where we live?
As we watch the things we love
Disappear like water through a sieve

Do we take too much for granted?
Assume it will get better if we wait
Do we count on our politicians
To make this country again great?

Is complacency our problem?
Do we leave it to the other guy?
And then when things don’t get done
Do we grumble and wonder why?

Are you the proverbial ostrich
With your head stuck in the sand?
Ignoring what has to be done
To restore this, our patriotic land

Don’t you realize it takes much more
Than just turning the other cheek?
To realize enough is enough
Have a backbone and not be meek

It’s time for us to take a stand
And protect each other’s rights
Not to be afraid of joining hands
As we begin the upward fight

If we want our morals and values
And bring this country back alive
There has to be some changes made
So that our children are not deprived

No more accusations, finger pointing
It’s as much my fault as it is yours
And put hatred, fear, and bias aside
Then we can accomplish so much more

It’s time to stand up America
Show the world we’re strong and free
And if we all pull together
Twill be a better land for you and me

Tuesday, June 21, 2022