The Bigfoot Encounter

It watched as the two-legged creatures entered the woods. Experience had taught it that it must stay hidden. The creatures came into the woods all the time, but usually, they came during the daylight. These creatures were coming at dusk. One of them was carrying a club, and they all had something on their heads. It remembered the last encounter it had. One of the creatures touched its head and something bright happened. It had been able to conceal itself, but just barely in time.

Now it watched as they walked, single file, down a trail heading for a pond that was nestled deep in the woods. It followed them, keeping them in sight as it paralleled them on a ridge slightly above them. Realizing where they were going, it took a side trail that branched off and went deeper into the woods. It was going for the others, members of its family.

When it arrived at the cave, it grabbed a piece of wood and hit a tree one time. It knew the creatures were too far away to hear it. It served its purpose because his family came from the surrounding woods. The night belonged to us, and we were out foraging.

It motioned and they gathered around him, pointing, gesturing, and talking in an unusual gibberish. Finished, they followed him along a trail that would intersect with the trail the creatures were on.

In the distance, we could hear a tree knock, three times in a row. We stopped, listened, looked at each other, and continued on our way. We knew it wasn’t one of us, so it had to be the creatures doing it.

All of a sudden, we heard a howl. A strange sound that didn’t make sense to us. It wasn’t anything that we would have done. In fact, none of us were capable of making that howl.

Curiosity getting the better of us, we quietly arrived at the area where the creatures were. Getting in a safe place, we watched and waited. We had all night to wait. It depended on the invading creatures as to how we would react.

One of them touched something and a strange light appeared. We could see it plainly. Another held something and kept pointing it into the forest. From past experiences, we knew how far away we needed to be so that we wouldn’t be seen.

One of the creatures took the club, knocked on a tree, and then made that strange howl again. The howl was so strange we had to try hard to keep from laughing.

The creatures stood motionless, listening, then again started walking down the trail. We followed them, and when the creatures turned onto a trail that would go by the cave, we panicked. We couldn’t let this happen. One of us took off, as fast as it could run, to circle around and get on the other side of the creatures. We continued following them, keeping out of sight as they got closer to our cave.

We knew our family member was in place because there was a loud knock that broke the forest’s silence. The creatures stopped, gestured toward the area where the knock came from, pointed their strange light, and waited. Hearing nothing, one of them took his club and hit a tree. Immediately a knock was done as a reply.

We watched as they took off running toward the knock location. Finding a game trail, they quickly took it. This trail led the creatures in the opposite direction, away from the cave.

We stopped, softly talked, and scattered, surrounding the creatures as they went down the trail. When the creatures reached an area, far enough away from the cave, we began.

One of us let off a long, eerie howl that stopped the creatures in their tracks. In another direction, another of us growled, a deep guttural growl. Yet another threw a rock that bounced off a tree right beside one of the creatures. We began shaking the bushes, stomping our feet, and one of us pushed over a dead tree. It landed with a loud thud that startled the creatures.

We were going to drive them out. Whatever it took to do it we were determined to make it happen.

One of us growled, threw another rock, and walked within viewing distance of the creatures, growling, howling, and shaking a tree. Then another of us, from the other side, howled as loud as it could, then shook some bushes so violently they broke into several pieces, which it threw at the creatures.

That was all it took. In a panic, the creatures look off running down the trail. We followed them, growling, hooting, chirping, and throwing rocks and tree limbs as hard as we could.

One of us hurried and got ahead of them. It cautiously approached the thing the creatures arrived in. Taking a piece of a log, it began to beat the thing until there were dents all over it. Hearing the creatures coming, it vanished into the forest to watch.

The creatures came running out of the woods, stared in disbelief at the thing, somehow got in it, and left. But not before a rock went flying, out of the forest, and hit the thing again, caving in something on its side.

That thing said “Bigfoot Research Organization”

We took the trails back to our cave. As we entered it we passed through a shimmering doorway that closed behind us. Again we were in our homeland, someplace safe and secure. Our ancestors had somehow found the portals that allowed them to visit the creature’s land. We go to explore and also it is an interesting challenge to avoid the creatures.  It can be fun and we think they are afraid of us. We are harmless unless provoked. We just want to be left alone.

As we passed through to the other side, others of our species greeted us with hoots and howls. They asked us about our time spent among the creatures. We told them about driving the creatures away from the portal. Tired, we went to our village. We passed the place where we bury our dead. We always make sure that we bring our deceased through the portal so that no remains can be found. This was our way. How we have been able to survive among the creatures for as long as we can remember.

We always go back to that world. We also claim it as ours. We are called by many names. You couldn’t pronounce our name if we told you what it was. But the creatures call us Bigfoot!

May 28, 2021

Picture courtesy of Pixabay