The Penny

“Do you buy wheat pennies?”
I answered, “Yes, ma’am, I do.”
I have some if you’re interested
I will sell gladly sell them to you

The lady, she set the price
“I want two cents apiece”
That sack of wheat pennies
Were expensive at the very least

If I remember correctly
Over a hundred coins there were
I counted out the money
And reluctantly gave it to her

Back home I began the search
Found many from the teens
Then I found some 1909’s
The condition, best I had seen

The last coin in the sack was it
I couldn’t believe my eyes
In my hand, it now rested
I was incredibly surprised

Nestled in my hand I had
The coin of my dreams
Lincoln cent, twas the rarest
A 1909 S VDB

Thursday, June 16, 2022