Too Dadgum Hot!!!

I’m hot, sittin’ on my side porch
Sweat’s drippin’ off my knees
Pollen’s floatin’, eyes are twitchin’
All I can do is constantly sneeze

Tissues are a pilin’ up beside me
My deodorant wore off hours ago
The humidity, an overpowering beast
Temperature? I don’t want to know

No rain in the dreaded forecast
Hot, brutally hot as days before
Anything cool goes down my gullet
“Hey Honey! Please bring me more!”

The shade’s pulled, blockin’ the sun
I can feel a slight hot breeze
My tee shirt’s plastered to my back
A gallon of sweat from it I can squeeze

It’s way too hot for a little nap
Although the heat makes me sleepy
Hot and bothered that I am
It could almost make me weepy

When fire hydrants start chasin’ dogs
And it’s a hundred degrees in the shade
Workin’ for Santa at the North Pole
Sounds like a very desirable trade!

Tuesday, June 21, 2022