Her Hunger

Her hunger, it controlled her
Into that grocery store, she went
Desperation made her do it
The money she had had been spent

Walking the aisles she cried
Starving, with no money to pay
Couldn’t remember her last meal
The reason she came here today

To the candy aisle, she went
Found her favorite candy bar
Picked it up and smelled it
Pocketed it, didn’t get very far

At the door, they stopped her
Said police were on the way
Shoplifting was a serious crime
For which she’d have to pay

Before a judge, she had stood
For stealing something to eat
Tried to explain why she did it
Sentenced to ninety days in defeat

Now she’s getting plenty to eat
A bed and a roommate too
She’s sorry for what she did
She did what she had to do

Tuesday, June 21, 2022