Have you watched a sad movie?
Knew someone was going to die?
You found yourself tearing up
And knew you were going to cry

Holding your tears back, you couldn’t
And down your cheeks, they flowed
You felt awkward and stupid
Crying for someone you didn’t know

Why does someone else’s dilemma
Trigger this humbling emotion?
Is it because we feel their pain
And enter a chain reaction motion?

There are many ways to ignite
This feeling of total despair
A death, divorce, friendship lost
Or having your soul openly bared

Is it because of a sensitive spirit
That we allow ourselves to weep?
A trait that God has installed
That surfaces from inside, deep

Some say that it’s shameful to cry
That it shows that you are weak
But on the contrary, I believe
That it reveals that you are meek

So, let the tears flow freely
It is therapy for those in need
It relieves stressful situations
Soothes wounded hearts that bleed

Friday, June 17, 2022