America's Favorite Pass Time 

There is nothing more satisfying

Than when told that supper’s on

Pulling up to a heavily laden table

And then eating until it’s all gone

Pile it high is what always we do

And then do it all over again

Then we wonder why we suffer

Having a bellyache you can depend

Reality! one of life’s few pleasures

Has to do with your mouth

Whether it’s New England Clam Chowder

Or Fried Chicken from the South

By looking at our bulging waistlines

You can tell, we’ve been pleasured well

Serving portion sizes have increased

Observing our plates you can tell

The next time you eat some cookies

Had your fourth soda that day

And find you can’t see your feet

Because your belly is in the way

You had better sew your mouth shut

Not eat for at least a week

Because if you continue as always

Your future is looking rather bleak!

June 14, 2022