If a riot is an answer
To all this country’s woes
We should have rioted long ago
Fixed our problems, I suppose

If looting is the answer
To a problem avoided, denied
There must be another solution
To fill the void you have inside

If hatred is the answer
It is something we know well
It has no intentions of leaving
As near as I can tell

If bigotry is the answer
Then politics rears its head
Neither party can get along
Creating hatred instead

If discrimination is the answer
Then we practice it very well
It has been here forever
It has sent millions to hell

If anarchy is the answer
And unrest rules the land
Then heaven help us, it’s over
Unless we make a stand

If love is the answer
And I truly believe it is
The only hope for our country
Is to become forever His

Friday, June 17, 2022