Christmas Aftermath

All the presents have been opened
All the lights have been turned off
The family has headed for home
Exhausted, relaxing in an easy chair, soft

The tree, it’s still standing in the foyer
Frosty’s standing vigil, dark in the yard
Baby Jesus and the wise men are
In the manger, molded plastic, hard

Leftovers piled high in the fridge
The candy dishes are overflowing
Gifts that we don’t like, work, or fit
In-car loaded, to the mall we are going

Mistletoe, yes, it’s still up there
Waiting to be taken advantage of
It’s a way of showing your affection
For that special one you love

This old house needs a cleaning
Signs of children are everywhere
Shreds of wrapping paper, strapping
Remnants of gift opening declared

My honey, she is a tuckered out
After surviving one more year
At least we have another twelve months
Before Christmas again is here

Friday, June 17, 2022