The Ringing Of The Bell

Lunch, it was almost ready
Near as Grandma could tell
Out the back door, she went
Grabbed the rope, rang the bell

Grandpa was mucking the barn
Trying to ignore the smell
His stomach, it was growling
And then he heard the bell

Uncle John, he was pulling weeds
Halfway back along the lane
Stooping over, back was hurting
Ringing bell; forgot his pain

Twins were playing in the orchard
Chasing each other pell-mell
Stopped in their tracks they were
By the ringing of that bell

Aunt Gertie had a headache
A migraine, she could tell
Stuck her head under her pillow
To avoid that ringing bell

Frank was at the roadside stand
He had fresh produce to sell
Quickly put the “Closed” sign out
When he heard the ringing bell

Wilbur was in an apple tree
Tried to get down and fell
He was in too much of a hurry
Because of that blasted bell

That bell, it had its purposes
And each person it did compel
It doesn’t matter who you are
You’re affected by that ringing bell

Thursday, June 16, 2022