The Baptism

It was a bitter February morning

The wind chill made it fourteen below

On the creek bank, they all shivered

As a winter baptism usually goes

He shucked his coat, then his shoes

Goose bumps rose on his skin

Teeth chattering, into the water He went

For the remission of his sins

The pastor was already there waiting

In ice cold water up to his waist

The pastor motioned for him to come

The cold wind added to their haste

His toes, they squished in the mud

The cold water lapped at his knees

His t-shirt, it had no warming effect

As the wind howled in the trees

The pastor took a hold of his hand

Placed his other on his shivering back

Covered his nose with a cloth

Dunked him quick, a matter of fact

From the water, he happily arose

He found he was no longer cold

That bone-chilling temperature

Had been replaced by Heavenly gold

He raised his hands, and shouted, “Hallelujah!”

“Now you belong to Jesus” he heard

The congregation on the bank singing

Those congratulatory words

A terrible sinner he had once been

That cold water had washed him clean

Triumphant, from that, after he strode

As a brand new creation, he was seen

June 14, 2022