“What do you think?”

Let's watch for a little while longer,” came the reply.

There were eight of them atop a knoll overlooking a building surrounded by a fence topped with razor wire. They were all heavily armed and dressed in camouflage. Night had fallen and the floodlights had the place lit up like a Christmas tree.

“Do we know what’s in there?”

“Not really, it could be anything; weapons, ammunition, medical supplies, MRE”s, or it could be empty. We won’t know until we get inside,” answered their leader.

“I wonder why it’s not being guarded?”

“I know. It doesn’t make sense. Now that the government has basically collapsed nothing makes sense anymore. Now it’s every man for himself. With all of the looting and rioting going on we need to get our share while we can,” answered their leader.

They were a small band of criminals and terrorists, whose only purpose in life was to take what they wanted and kill the ones who resisted. They were utterly ruthless.

“I think it’s safe. Let’s go,” he ordered.

They nodded in agreement and started down the knoll toward the fence. Little did they know that in the process they tripped a sensor that had been hidden among the rocks. It immediately sent a signal to a computer deep inside Cheyenne Mountain. A siren began blaring and engineers and other authorities gathered at the computer screen.

“What’s going on?” asked an engineer.

“Somebody tripped a sensor at one of our bases.” was the answer.

“What do we have there?”

“There is the weaponry of all kinds, plus the ammo for it.”

“Might be a good place to try D.O.G.”

“Do you think it will work?” asked an engineer.

“All of our preliminary tests say it will,” answered another.

“I pity those men if it does,” offered another.

“No, they deserve what they get,” interjected a General as he joined the onlookers, “they have no business being there.”

Back at the base of the knoll, the eight men approached the fence. Warning signs were all over it.

“United States Government Facility”

“Stay Out!"


“Trespassers will be shot on sight!”

They began cutting a hole in the fence with bolt cutters. After making a large enough hole, they stepped through and spread out. Their target was the building in front of them. The whole time they were being watched back at Cheyenne Mountain. Remote cameras caught their every move.

Meanwhile, back at the mountain, a decision was quickly made.

“If they try to breach the door we have to stop them. We can’t allow them access to what is inside,” the General said.

Turning to one of the engineers, he said,” On my command I want you to activate D.O.G.”

Watching the screen, they saw that the men had reached the building, set their backpacks down, and were assembling something.

“General, I believe they have explosives. I think they have C-4. If they do, they can blow that door very easily,” offered an engineer.

“Activate D.O.G.!” came the command.

An engineer pushed a red button on a console and everybody leaned in to watch. Small kennel-like huts were located throughout the base. Overhead doors opened and out stepped D.O.G. - DEFENSE OPERATIONS GUARD! A titanium creature that resembled a German shepherd of massive size. Two hundred and fifty pounds of four-legged hell. Built for speed and agility, it could attain speeds of 80 miles an hour and could jump a ten-foot fence. Programmed to a computer, it had a GPS tracking system, built- i cameras, a spotlight, and massive razor-sharp teeth below a set of beady, infrared eyes. It had been designed for war and nothing short of a bomb could stop it. It made no sound and could evade anything. Its best feature was its stealth capabilities. The same technology that was used on the stealth bomber was installed in it.

This is what was released inside the base’s fence. There were ten of them.

“Signal the attack,” came the command.

An engineer sent the appropriate signal and it began. It was over in a matter of moments. The pack found the intruders and the carnage began. The beasts tore them to shreds. Gunfire and screams were quickly replaced by the sounds of bones breaking and cloth ripping. Many of the onlookers had to turn away from the screen, some having to find something to throw up into. It was that bad.

“It works,” the General clapped his hands with glee,” where else can we use it?”

The engineer directed D.O.G. to stand down and return to their kennels. After they returned, he deactivated them and shut their overhead doors.

Through the grapevine and a lot of help from Cheyenne Mountain, the message got out to leave the military bases alone. Because if you didn’t a big, bad D.O.G. would get you!

November 12, 2020