Women's Meeting

It was Tuesday night at the church

Women’s meeting was called to order

Sister Gamble, the gavel she dropped

Stopping the gossip and disorder

Sister Lacey timidly raised her hand

Cleared her throat and then she spoke

“I have an idea if you all will listen”

“About  a fundraiser because we’re broke.”

We’ve had bake sales in the past”

“And we have had moderate success”

“I think we need something else”

“Something that we do our best”

“Sister Gamble countered, “I agree”

“Just what do you have in mind?”

“We have tried almost everything”

“Even making jam from melon rind.”

“Why don’t we have a church raffle?”

“We can offer a very tantalizing prize”

“Make the tickets three for a dollar”

“That will fit almost any budget size?

“And just what would be the prize?”

“It has to be something unique”

Sister Lacey said, “It is my idea”

“I will let you all know next week?”

The tickets were sold, the date was set

And the raffle night, it came

A huge crowd, it had gathered

On the dunk tank seat pastor was game

June 14, 2022