Polly The Parrot

My Polly was a parrot
She was a very nasty bird
Tricks, she couldn’t do
She couldn’t speak a word

Polly had a bad habit
She liked to take a nip
Of anything she could
Be it nose or fingertip

I took Polly to the Vet
To see what he could do
He pondered for a while
Searching for a clue

Finally, he said, “I have it!”
I know what we can do
To stop this crazy bird
From biting me and you

“Take a file to its beak
And grind off the tip”
“But don’t go too deep
Or a nerve you’ll clip”

“Now if you go too deep
“Your Polly, she will die
“No more will you have a bird
That nips until you cry”

I saw the Vet a week later
He met me at the door
“What have you done?” he said
My face was sad, forlorn

“I told you what to do,” he said
“I gave you good advice!”
“I did what you told me,” I cried
“I crushed her head in the vise!”

Tuesday, June 21, 2022