Won’t you be glad when it’s over
This upcoming November event
Where political parties square off
With victory being their only intent

They spend a crazy amount of money
Campaigning to prove their point
Countless hours they will spend
Hoping their candidate they’ll anoint

Some of their tactics, questionable
They say all is fair in love and war
Makes you cringe thinking about it
Considering politics revolving door

No party has all of the answers
It just simply cannot be done
We make our choice from promises
Hoping the right person has won

Politics can be a dirty word
Holding office can carry power
Sometimes it makes me wonder
Is it worth reaching that lofty tower

For some to reach that pinnacle
They will sell their heart and soul
Regardless of the price it costs
To attain their single desired goal

I’ll be glad when it’s finally over
No more campaigns to listen to
Maybe life will get back to normal
Makes sense to me, how about you?

Tuesday, June 21, 2022