You know you are getting older
When old reruns you’d rather watch
Or maybe tune into Animal Planet
Hoping they’ll finally find a “Squatch”

The odds of watching something good
Are the same as hitting the lottery twice
Most shows insult your intelligence
Not even worth half your cable price

Reality shows are definitely the worse
Who wants to be “Naked And Afraid?”
Or dealing with “Pit Bulls And Parolees”
When they go on a vicious tirade

Watching TV is a total waste of time
The shows are boring, they are all alike
Every season there are more clones
The same old same old down the pike

Now TV was good when I was young
Bonanza, Gunsmoke, I Love Lucy
Little House On The Prairie, Dragnet
The Waltons, Carol Burnett, Big Valley

Fury, Lassie, Sky King, Rin Tin Tin
Daniel Boone, Red Skelton, Walt Disney
Were shows that were so much better
Than the garbage they’re forcing on me

Captain Kangaroo was a childhood friend
Howdy Doody, he ranked up there too
Shari Lewis and Lamb chop entertained
I wish that my memories were yours too

Tuesday, June 21, 2022