The Lord Spoke

The Lord spoke to him one day

Unexpected, came out of the blue

He knew that it had to be Him

Why He spoke he had no clue

God told him many secret things

Things too wonderful for him to tell

Things he knew were just for him

He was captivated by God’s spell

God told him that he loved him

And that with him He was pleased

He told him that He expected more

And that to God he must appease

God told him that he must love

The same as how He loved him

That he must overlook other’s faults

He was serious, it wasn’t a whim

God told him that he had the power

His miracles he could also do

Healing would flow through his hands

Witness salvations, not a few

Their conversation made him humble

In his mind thought,” God chose me”

He would often stop and ponder

“Was it my time spent on my knees?”

June 14, 2022