A  C.E.O.  Christian

Christians are known by many names

Some are uplifting, and some exalt

Christians are also depicted as losers

Regardless of whether it’s their fault

Some Christians are truly devout

They showcase their faith every day

Truly they are the epitome of Jesus

Their way of life is on constant display

You also have the self-pronounced

They wear their faith on their sleeve

They want you to notice them

Hoping their stand you will believe

Christians come in any shape or form

Their church attendance is questioned

You have the ones always there

And those seldom there are mentioned

But the most dangerous of them all

Are the ones designated C.E.O.

Christmas and Easter Only attendees

Are the ones God doesn’t know

God warns about being lukewarm

That from His mouth He will spew

And to ones known as C.E.O.’S

That is what He will probably do!

Wednesday, September 28, 2022