An Unconditional Love

How do you accept the fact

That there is unconditional love?

Something that is so rare

It can only come from above

The idea may sound preposterous

You can experience the phenomenon

Until you realize who bestows it

Forcing your apprehension to be gone

Now everyone can feel this love

It can be yours if you ask

Effort? It doesn’t take very much

If you are really up to the task

First, you must admit you’re wrong

Then upon your knees, you fall

Bow your head, close your eyes

And before Him make yourself small

Humbly ask Him into your heart

And then the sensation will begin

A love beyond all understanding

Will fill you without and within

It is something you can’t buy

Because His love is not for sale

It is something given unconditionally

It’s a love that will never fail

June 14, 2022